Philippines: Holiday Terror Campaign A Bust


December 27, 2007: The government is confident that they can defeat the leftist NPA within the next three years. The army estimates that NPA strength declined 14 percent this year (to 6,000 fighters), and that this will get worse because of low morale and a poor financial situation.

December 24, 2007: The NPA changed their minds and decided to have at least some holiday truce time. The NPA said it would not attack on the 24th and 25th, as well as January 1st. The government declared a 22 day holiday truce, that the NPA used to go along with. This year, the NPA is under a lot of pressure to earn money, to make up for contributions it used to get from leftist supporters overseas (especially in Europe.) But now that the NPA has been declared a terrorist organization, most of the foreign money is gone, and the rebels have to support themselves via local scams. The leadership finally relented on the holiday truce because of low morale in the ranks.

In the Moslem south, a bomb went off in a market in Cotabato City, wounding three people. This appears to be the extent of the threatened Islamic terror campaign to disrupt Christmas celebrations. In response to that threat, some countries, like Australia, had earlier warned their citizens to stay out of the south during the holidays.

Outside the capital, an explosion in a politicians home left seven people injured. It's not known if the explosion was an accident, political, criminal or Islamic terrorism.

December 22, 2007: On Jolo, marines clashed with MILF rebels, killing several, but losing one of their own. The marines noted that the rebels used civilians as human shields to cover their escape. Several civilians were wounded in the cross fire, as a result. Some local MILF splinter groups are supporting Abu Sayyaf rebels on Jolo.




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