Potential Hot Spots: January 6, 2005


The armed occupation of the police station in the Peruvian town of Andahuaylas ended late on January 3. Approximately 100 insurgents-- most of them allegedly Peruvian Army reservists-- turned themselves in after the revolt's leader, Major Antauro Humala, was arrested. Four Peruvian policemen were slain in the attack. Humala had demanded the resignation of Peru's President Alejandro Toledo. Peruvians report being bewildered by Humala and his "paramilitary revolt." Humala has attacked governmental corruption (there is plenty of that) but also espouses a strange political platform that incorporates restoration of the Incan Empire and Peruvian nationalism. He sees Chile-led conspiracies undermining Peru. Peru's and Chile's historical relationship is, well, chilly. Many analysts regard the "Incan Empire restoration" pitch as specious-- a plank designed to attract the support of Incan Indians to Humala's cause. What's his cause? We'll bet on plain old personal power.


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