Russia: February 2, 2000


In six months of fighting, the Russians say they have lost 1,173 troops. During the 1994-96 campaign, the Russians lost 3,963 men during a 21 month campaign. In Grozny, Russian troops swept through the entire city, encountering only a few snipers. The Russians say no more than 200 rebels remain in the city, with hundreds (thousands according to the rebels) having fled. The Russians say that they ambushed most of the fleeing rebels and killed or captured most of them. Some rebels are still surrendering in the city, although all military age Chechens in Grozny are being taken into custody. Russia has also sent another 3,500 paratroopers, among their best soldiers, into Chechnya. Some 8,000 paratroopers are now in Chechnya, which now has over 100,000 troops in the province. 




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