Russia: August 28, 2000


Chechen rebels are using more remote controlled bombs, killing a Chechen policeman with one today (and wounding two civilians.) Many of these bombs are found and disarmed. Rebels are making at least a dozen attacks a day, but most are little more than a tossed grenade or a few bursts from an AK-47. This keeps the Russian troops nervous and trigger happy. Russian police and troops continue to question and arrest suspected rebels. Some one hundred suspects were arrested 25 kilometers outside Grozny. The most recent theory for the loss of the submarine Kursk has to do with new torpedoes being tested on board. One was a high speed model that carries a lot of highly combustible liquid fuel. A leak from this weapon, followed by a spark to set it off, would have caused the first explosion. The enormous heat from this fire could have set off one or more warheads in the torpedo room of the sub. Russian subs are built to withstand external attacks, but descriptions of the damage to the Kursk indicate that it was destroyed by an internal explosion in the torpedo compartment. 


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