Russia: October 30, 2000


Russian Defense Minister Sergeyev has announced major cuts in the Russian armed forces and security forces, resulting in a force that meets the available budget.

@ The Army will be cut by 180,000.

@ The Navy will be cut by 50,000.

@ The Air Force will be cut by 40,000.

@ Interior Security forces will be cut by 20,000.

@ Railway Security forces will be cut by 10,000.

@ Border Guards will be cut by 5,000.

@ Other security units and agencies will be cut by 25,000.

The cuts to the military will reduce it to the 850,000 personnel which a 1997 government report said was all that Russia could afford. The Strategic Rocket Forces will be cut from 19 divisions to 10 divisions by 2005, at which point it will be absorbed into the Air Force.--Stephen V Cole


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