Russia: March 17, 2005


Former senior government official, and current president of Russia's electricity monopoly, Anatoly Chubais, survived a murder attempt. A roadside bomb and two men with assault rifles failed to hit Chubais, who was traveling in an armored SUV, accompanied by another car full of armed men. Former Russian army commandoes are often employed as bodyguards, and assassins. One of   Chubais attackers was tracked down, and turned out to be a former commando. Businessmen getting murdered is not unusual in Russia, although the rate of such crimes has gone down in the past few years, and attempts at people as high up as  Chubais are rare. The outcome of the  Chubais hit shows why. He was well protected. The hit team was also pretty expensive, but if some, or all, of these guys go down, the price of a similar attempt on another Russian big shot will go up.




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