Russia: Chechen Assault on City Fails


October 14, 2005: Yesterday's assault on the city (of some 235,000) of
Nalchik was apparently an attempt by Chechen rebels to take many people hostage
(and demand Russia get its troops out of Chechnya.). This time, the Russians
were ready, and at least 70, of over 100 armed Chechens, were killed by
police and soldiers. Some two dozen police and civilians were killed as well.
There were over a hundred wounded. The Chechen were organized into at least ten
teams when they assaulted the city police stations and government offices. Some
police and civilians were held hostage, for several hours and in several
different locations, before police moved in and rescued the hostages. The
Chechens have used these mass attacks several times before, often with
spectacular effect. But this time, the attack was a spectacular failure.




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