Russia: Islamic Terrorists in Chechnya Doomed


November 18, 2005: Operations in Chechnya have become fairly routine, with 5-10 raids and security sweeps a week, in addition to heavy security (checkpoints, patrols), in key areas (government, military and economic facilities). The Islamic terrorists have made themselves unpopular in Chechnya, partly because they kill lots of Chechens, and partly because, after years of violence, nothing has been accomplished. Chechens are also mindful of their own history. As tough and resourceful as Chechens are, they have been consistently beaten by tougher and more resourceful Russians over the past two centuries. That pattern has apparently not changed, and most Chechens are apparently resigned to peace, under Russian rule, until the next uprising (in a generation or so, if past patterns persist.) The Islamic terrorist groups, however, appear ready to go on fighting until all members are killed or captured. Russian counter-terror forces appear determined to track down and kill or capture all the Islamic terrorists, many of whom have fled Chechnya because of the large number of Russian police in the area, and the many Chechens who have become hostile to Islamic terrorism.




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