Russia: The Imaginary Good Old Days Returning


November 28, 2005: The old ways of the czars and commissars continue to return. Russians democratically elected parliament is now passing laws to limit what NGOs can do. Restrictions have previously been placed on media and religion. Russians are more eager for order and prosperity, than anything else. There is also a lot of nostalgia for the power of the Soviet Union. Actually, the Soviet Union was a sham, which was why it collapsed. But many Russians have developed a more idealized memory of the good old days.

November 27, 2005: For the first time in eight years, parliamentary elections were held in Chechnya.

November 26, 2005: Rising fuel prices and refinery shortages have limited the fuel available for the military. Training has been cut back this year. Even though new equipment is being bought, and old stuff refurbished, there is not enough fuel for troops to become expert with their aircraft and tanks.

November 19, 2005: In the last week, commandoes in Chechnya hunted down and killed a senior terrorist leader called Jaber.




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