Uganda: May 24, 2003


The Ugandan government said its troops killed at least 19 LRA thugs in a series of firefights in Kotido district (northern Uganda, the Karamoja region on the Sudan and Kenyan borders). An LRA force struck a market area in (or near) the village of Abim. In the fight at Abim three LRA thugs, two Ugandan soldiers, and at least four civilians died. The Ugandan soldiers pursued the LRA force and killed another 16 or 17 of the attackers. There was no independent confirmation of the claims. The Ugandan 3rd Infantry Division was on alert because the LRA had threatened to attack Abim's 100-bed hospital. LRA threats against hospitals and schools are common. However, the threats, the alert, and the resulting battle suggest the Ugandans are receiving reasonably good intelligence about LRA intentions. It looks like the Ugandan Army had a rapid reaction force ready to move when the LRA struck. (Austin Bay)




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