Uganda: May 29, 2003


Uganda reported 14 people died and at least 12 were wounded in another LRA bus ambush. This one occurred on the highway between Karuma and Packwach. The ambush was near a national park, an attack apparently designed to scare off tourists. A fuel truck was also attacked on the road between Packwach and Nebbi. This was an attack west of the Nile, not your typical LRA attack (most are east of the Nile, in the Gulu region). The fuel truck belonged to a Chinese company that is improving the road. That road desperately needs improvement. Ive been on it, just east of Nebbi. The poor road limits the Nebbi regions ability to ship food and goods to Kampala. Launching an attack west of the Nile sends a message to the Ugandan government. The LRA is saying despite recent government successes, the LRA can extend the war to other parts of Uganda. (Austin Bay)




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