Uganda: July 24, 2003


The LRA first conducted their surveillance of Teso region using people who posed as mentally deranged, before attacking Katakwi and Soroti districts. Considering the number of atrocities that the LRA has perpetrated upon the Ugandan people, how could anyone be sure they were pretending?

Uganda's Prime Minister also noted that Kony is protected by people who had been alienated both internally and internationally. The Government was ready to use a third party to negotiate an end to the conflict, if Kony was willing. The former leader of the Uganda National Rescue Front rebels, Major General Ali Bamuze, said he would try to persuade Kony to renounce his rebellion and negotiate with the Government.

Ugandan civilians are tired of being 'sitting ducks' for psychopathic rebels. The Langi tribe have requested government-issued weapons, to protect themselves from LRA raids. But the Langi have to first convince government fears that, once armed, the Langi would set out to recover their cattle from Karamoja and then rebel against the Government. An Amuria politician also asked the Government to give Kumi firearms, so they could help the army pursue the rebels.

The controversial reserve force commander General Saleh was also put on the defensive for his expensive plan to make the refugee camps more permanent by building water points, schools, police and health centers. Most of the civilians stuck in those camps just want to go back to their villages, whether a settlement is negotiated with the LRA or they're defeated. - Adam Geibel




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