Uganda: July 28, 2003


The LRA movement in Uganda may not be large, but their effect on the population is ruinous. The United Nations' World Food Program has appealed to donors for an additional $54 million, to cope with new humanitarian demands brought on by a spreading insurgency in northern Uganda. They estimated that 100,000 tons of food will be needed to feed 1.6 million people. Between January and June almost $59 million was spent on food aid, while the additional funds will keep the WFP operating until March 2004. 

Northern Ugandan political leaders want the President to name those he recently accused of aiding the rebels and have counter accused Army officers not from the North of being unconcerned about ending the rebellion.

The Ugandan 3rd Division and Teso militia have been locked in running battles with LRA rebels in Morungatuny for ten days. About a week ago, the Teso militia even found the remains of a person who had 'juju' (black magic) pasted on his body and his head chopped off. They could not identify him but strongly suspect he was an LRA witchdoctor. 

The Ugandans might have a new problem to deal with, as well. Taban Amin, son of the former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada, is training a new rebel group of about 400 men in the north Ugandan West Nile province and intends to attack the government. This is not too far from the Congo's Ituri region, where EU peacekeepers are intervening between Hema and Lendu tribesmen. - Adam Geibel




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