Uganda: November 18, 2003


Uganda reported LRA thugs killed 12 peopled in an attack in Lira (north central Uganda) on November 18. On November 17 the LRA killed 53 people in the same area. NGO sources supported the government claim on the number of civilian casualties. One of the November 17 attacks was on the Ngeta National Teachers College (in Lira). 13 people at the college died in the attack. A subsequent report cited a mass movement by refugees in the region. One of the wire services quoted a witness as saying "We are in total confusion. I passed by thousands of people trekking to Lira town...Who is going to save us? We are like Iraqis, who when one person is killed, everybody talks about it, but here we are talking of hundreds killed and nobody talks about it." Thats the quote. The quote makes more sense if read as We arent like Iraqis... On November 16 The Ugandan Army reported its troops killed 25 LRA thugs in fighting in northern Uganda. There was no independent confirmation of the report.




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