Uganda: December 23, 2003


While the rebel LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) gets most of the attention when reporting violence in Uganda, it is but one of 22 armed rebel groups known to be fighting the government. The government's Amnesty Commission reported that, in the past three years, 10,000 rebels had applied for amnesty. The majority of these were from  the LRA (3,848), Uganda National rescue Front II (2,902), West Nile Bank Front (1,990) and Allied Democratic Forces (659). 

Some groups have all but disappeared. For example, the Allied Democratic Forces, which operated in western Uganda between 1996 and 2001, now consists of a few diehards in  some parts of eastern Congo.

Other major rebel groups that are still active include the Action Restore Peace (ARP), the Uganda Democratic Army/ Alliance (UDA/F), Uganda Federal Democratic Front (UFDF) and Uganda Freedom Movement (UFM), 
Citizen Army for Multi Party Politics (CAMP), the National Union for the Liberation of Uganda (NALU), National Federal Army (NFA), the Ninth October Movement (NOM),  the People's Redemption Army (PRA), Force Obote Back (FOBA) and Former Uganda National Army (FUNA). 

Some groups, like Holy Spirit Movement (HSM) of Alice Lakwena, went through some changes and emerged as a new organization, in this case the  Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) of Joseph Kony.

Most of the rebel groups are operating out of bases in the southern Sudan or the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some members live in Kenya and Europe (where it's easier to get your message out to the Western media.) 




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