Uganda: Sudanese Still Backing Rebels


January 16, 2006: President Yoweri Museveni is losing support throughout the country. Still, opposition leader Kizza Besigye may not be able to defeat Museveni in the upcoming presidential elections (scheduled for February 2006). Museveni is running for a third term.

January 12, 2006: A senior UN official condemned both the LRA and the Ugandan military for "atrocities" committed in northern Uganda. The UN reported that conditions in "displaced persons camps" are deteriorating.

Sudanese intelligence officers are apparently still aiding the LRA. Many in the Sudanese military want to wreck the peace plan in south Sudan. The LRA is a "tool" to cause trouble.

January 11, 2006: An LRA attack in the town of Adjumani (near the Sudan border) killed three people and wounded 12. The Ugandan government reported that 15 LRA rebels attacks a night club in the town. The attackers opened fire on the dancers then fled.




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