Uganda: Into the Congo


March 25, 2006: While the government has identified and got international arrest warrants on the five top leaders of the LRA, there are still several groups of LRA gunmen wandering around northern Uganda, terrorizing millions of people. Thousands of people a month are still being killed because of the LRA operations. Meanwhile, the Ugandan government has problems with a corruption scandal. This distracts the government from dealing with the situation in the north, which is one reason why the LRA has been a problem up north for two decades.

Meanwhile, Congolese refugees continue to cross into Uganda, to escape the fighting in Congo. The LRA in the Congo are just another bunch of armed guys wandering around doing whatever they want.

March 21, 2006: Sudan renewed it's agreement that allowed Ugandan troops to enter southern Sudan in pursuit of LRA rebels.

March 19, 2006: As LRA rebels moved from southern Sudan to Congo, the Ugandan government said Ugandan troops would go into Congo to get the LRA, if the Congolese army did not go after the LRA. Ugandan troops in southern Sudan forced the LRA to move, and Congo was the most likely place to go because Congo is in chaos, and Uganda does not have permission to send troops into Congo.

March 15, 2006: In Eastern Uganda, Kenyan cattle rustlers crossed the border and were confronted by armed tribesmen, reinforced by army troops. In a week of skirmishing, five rustlers and fifteen Ugandans died.


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