Uganda: Foreign Wars


March 23, 2007: The commander of Uganda's African Union-sponsored peacekeeping force in Somalia said that Somalia needs more peacekeepers and needs them quickly. The Ugandan peacekeepers have their headquarters at the international airport outside Mogadishu. At the moment Uganda has 1500 troops in Somalia. That number may increase slightly. Burundi has promised 1700 peacekeepers but that force may be weeks from deploying (because of equipment shortages).

March 21, 2007: Sudan reported that "a suspected LRA attack" took place in Eastern Equatoria. One person was killed. However, 2000 to 3000 people fled the area because of the violence. The South Sudan government is still trying to encourage negotiations between Uganda and the LRA. However, LRA gangs - and that is what they are-continue to launch attacks. The LRA groups are probably after food and supplies, but that thought doesn't help the south Sudanese who are victims of the violence. The LRA contends that its fighters aren't safe in Sudan.

March 16, 2007: LRA negotiators said they would send representatives back to peace talks in Juba, Sudan, if the Sudanese government provides "increased security." The LRA contends that Sudan allowed Ugandan military forces to approach "assembly areas" (safe zones) where LRA fighters were collecting.




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