Uganda: Going Hunting With The UN


October 20, 2007: The army is coordinating operations with UN peacekeepers (MONUC) across the border in Congo. MONUC is launching an offensive against Ugandan rebels (Allied Democratic Forces, or ADF), near Lake Albert. Ugandan troops are deployed to intercept and arrest any ADF rebels that flee across the border to get away from MONUC.

October 18, 2007: Uganda has 1600 troops in Somalia as a peacekeeping force, and has been providing security for the Somali Transitional National Government. Ugandan forces are deployed at the Mogadishu airport and at the seaport. Ugandan military "force protection" in Mogadishu has improved. Ugandan personnel use armored vehicles when moving about outside their camps. There are no plans to increase or decrease the number of peacekeepers in Somalia, though opposition political leaders have been pressuring the government to withdraw the troops.

October 11, 2007: The government has asked "the international community" to once again put political pressure on the LRA to fulfill its commitment to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (the official name of the peace process accord signed by the LRA and Uganda). The LRA was supposed to assemble in south Sudan. However, the senior LRA leaders have returned to their bases in the Congo (in Congo's Garamba Naitonal Park, a huge jungle region).

October 9, 2007: Ugandan peacekeepers deployed in Somalia reported a grenade was thrown at a "detachment position" in Mogadishu. There grenade caused no casualties.


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