Book Review: Remembering the First World War


by Bart Ziino, editor

London / New York: Routledge, 2015. Pp. xxi, 254. Illus., notes, index. $44.95 paper. ISBN: 0415856329

Sustaining the Memory of the Great War

Opening with an introduction by Dr. Ziino (Deaking University), author of A Distant Grief: Australians, War Graves and the Great War, who discusses the modern memory and memorialization of the Great War, there follow eleven essays on how the War is remembered or commemorated in various countries, by scholars from several nations,

The essays are grouped loosely into three categories. The essays in “Family History, Genealogy, and the First World War” examine how remembrance of the war is increasingly tied to people seeking their personal connections to it. "Practices of Remembering” looks at how public education, museums, monuments, and artists, and music are used in various countries to further remembrance. “The Return of the War,” the largest section, looks at how commemoration of the war reflects and affects politics and life in Austria, Belgium, Turkey, and Russia. There follows a concluding essay that attempts with some success to take an international perspective.

A volume in the Routledge series, “Remembering the Modern World,” this will be of some interest to military historians, but is most valuable for those studying the nature of memory, memorialization, and commemoration.

Note: Remembering the First World War is also available in hardback, $145.00, ISBN 978-0-415-85628-7, and in several e-pub formats


Reviewer: A. A. Nofi, Review Editor   

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