Book Reviews 2020

The Collapse of Rome: Marius, Sulla and the First Civil War
December 31
An Unladylike Profession: American Women War Correspondents in World War I
December 29
A Republic in the Ranks: Loyalty and Dissent in the Army of the Potomac
December 27
Defense Engagement since 1900: Global Lessons in Soft Power
December 25
Ancient Maya Politics: A Political Anthropology of the Classic Period, 150–900 CE
December 23
Edward M. Almond and the US Army: From the 92nd Infantry Division to the X Corps
December 21
American Discord: The Republic and Its People in the Civil War Era
December 19
The Light Division in the Peninsular War, 1808–1811
December 17
Crossing the Pomerium: The Boundaries of Political, Religious, and Military Institutions from Caesar to Constantine
December 15
A G.I. in The Ardennes: The Battle of the Bulge
December 13
The War Went on: Reconsidering the Lives of Civil War Veterans
December 11
The Open Sea: The Economic Life of the Ancient Mediterranean World from the Iron Age to the Rise of Rome
December 09
The Perfection of Military Discipline: The Plug Bayonet and the English Army 1660-1705
December 07
Phase Line Attila: The Amphibious Campaign for Cyprus, 1974
December 05
Thoughts on War
December 03
Indigenous Peoples and the Second World War: The Politics, Experiences and Legacies of War in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
December 01
President without a Party: The Life of John Tyler
November 29
Empires in the Sun: The Struggle for the Mastery of Africa
November 27
African Dominion: A New History of Empire in Early and Medieval West Africa
November 27
The Women's Fight: The Civil War's Battles for Home, Freedom, and Nation
November 25
Attack at Chosin: The Chinese Second Offensive in Korea
November 23
The Russian Baltic Fleet in the Time of War and Revolution 1914-1918: The Recollections of Admiral S N Timiryov
November 21
Roman Conquests: Egypt and Judea
November 19
Nigeria and World War II: Colonialism, Empire, and Global Conflict
November 17
The False Cause: Fraud, Fabrication, and White Supremacy in Confederate Memory
November 15
Churchill and Stalin: Comrades-in-Arms during the Second World War
November 13
A Quest for Glory: A Biography of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren
November 12
Mastermind of Dunkirk and D-Day: The Vision of Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay
November 11
“Lee is Trapped and Must be Taken”: Eleven Fateful Days after Gettysburg, July 4–14, 1863
November 09
Normandy 1944: German Military Organization, Combat Power and Organizational Effectiveness
November 07
Rome, Parthia, and the Politics of Peace: The Origins of War in the Ancient Middle East
November 05
Grunt Slang in Vietnam: Words of the War
November 03
America’s Buried History: Landmines in the Civil War
November 01
Ian Fleming and SOE's Operation POSTMASTER: The Untold Top Secret Story
October 30
Lincoln Takes Command: The Campaign to Seize Norfolk and the Destruction of the CSS Virginia
October 28
Stalingrad: City on Fire
October 26
Blazing Star, Setting Sun: The Guadalcanal-Solomons Campaign November 1942–March 1943
October 24
The War Went On: Reconsidering the Lives of Civil War Veterans
October 22
Siege Warfare during the Crusades
October 20
Soldiers and Their Horses: Sense, Sentimentality and the Soldier-Horse Relationship in The Great War
October 18
Civil War Places: Seeing the Conflict through the Eyes of Its Leading Historians
October 16
Churchill's Shadow Raiders: The Race to Develop Radar, World War II's Invisible Secret Weapon
October 14
Carthage's Other Wars: Carthaginian Warfare Outside the 'Punic Wars' Against Rome
October 12
The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz
October 10
Battle in the Baltic: The Royal Navy and the Fight to Save Estonia and Latvia 1918–20
October 07
Farragut's Captain: Percival Drayton, 1861-1865
October 05
Farragut's Captain: Percival Drayton, 1861-1865
October 05
The Politics of Roman Memory: From the Fall of the Western Empire to the Age of Justinian
October 03
God's Viking: Harald Hardrada: The Life and Times of the Last Great Viking
October 01
Save Your Ammo: Working Across Cultures for National Security
September 29
A Game of Birds and Wolves: The Ingenious Young Women Whose Secret Board Game Helped Win World War II
September 27
"Tower of Skulls", A History of the Asia-Pacific War, Volume I: From the Marco Polo Bridge Incident to the Fall of Corregidor, July 1937-May 1942
September 25
Nature's Army: When Soldiers Fought for Yosemite
September 23
Greek Warfare beyond the Polis: Defense, Strategy, and the Making of Ancient Federal States
September 21
The Union Assaults at Vicksburg: Grant Attacks Pemberton, May 17–22, 1863
September 19
Churchill: A Graphic Biography
September 17
Churchill: A Graphic Biography
September 17
Dante’s Bones: How a Poet Invented Italy
September 15
The Petersburg Regiment in the Civil War: A History of the 12th Virginia Infantry from John Brown’s Hanging to Appomattox, 1859-1865
September 10
Hitler: Downfall, 1939-1945
September 09
The RAF and Tribal Control: Airpower and Irregular Warfare between the World Wars
September 07
Neville Chamberlain's Legacy: Hitler, Munich and the Path to War
September 06
Bugs and Bullets: The True Story of an American Doctor on the Eastern Front during World War I
September 03
Loss and Redemption at St. Vith: The 7th Armored Division in the Battle of the Bulge
September 01
Over There in the Air: The Fightin' Texas Aggies in World War I, 1917-1918
August 30
The Sniper Anthology: Snipers of the Second World War
August 28
Charles E. Callwell and the British Way in Warfare
August 26
Foundations of Russian Military Flight 1885–1925
August 24
Colonels in Blue--Missouri and the Western States and Territories: A Civil War Biographical Dictionary
August 22
Vincere: The Italian Royal Army's Counterinsurgency Operations in Africa, 1922–1940
August 20
The Imperial Russian Army in Peace, War, and Revolution, 1856-1917
August 18
In Memory of Self and Comrades: Thomas Wallace Colley's Recollections of Civil War Service in the 1st Virginia Cavalry
August 16
The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Nero
August 14
Images of War – The Fall of Berlin: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives
August 12
A Yankee Regiment in Confederate Louisiana: The 31st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Gulf South
August 10
Army of the Roman Emperors
August 08
Red Road From Stalingrad: Recollections of a Soviet Infantryman
August 06
The Duke of York's Flanders Campaign: Fighting the French Revolution 1793–1795
August 04
Latin American Dictatorships in the Era of Fascism: The Corporatist Wave
August 02
I Was Hitler's Pilot: The Memoirs of Hans Baur
July 31
Agrippa II: The Last of the Herods
July 29
Hitler's Savage Canary: A History of the Danish Resistance in World War II
July 27
"An Arch Rebel Like Myself": Dan Showalter and the Civil War in California and Texas
July 25
Churchill's Colonel: The War Diaries of Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Barne
July 23
Romans at War: Soldiers, Citizens, and Society in the Roman Republic
July 21
1917 and the Consequences
July 19
Dorwart's History of the Office of Naval Intelligence 1865–1945
July 17
The Battle of the Wilderness in Myth and Memory: Reconsidering Virginia's Most Notorious Civil War Battlefield
July 15
In Haig’s Shadow: The Letters of Major-General Hugo de Pree and Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig
July 13
The Hunt for Jimmie Browne: An MIA Pilot in World War II China
July 11
The Life of Alcibiades: Dangerous Ambition and the Betrayal of Athens
July 09
Somewhere Over There: The Letters, Diaries, and Artwork of a World War I Corporal
July 07
Winds, Waves, & Warriors: Battling the Surf at Normandy, Tarawa, Inchon
July 05
Women as Veterans in Britain and France After the First World War
July 03
Civil War Taxes: A Documentary History, 1860-1900
July 01
The Memoirs of Harry S. Truman, A Reader’s Edition
June 29
Troy: Myth, City, Icon
June 27
Constantius II: Usurpers, Eunuchs, and the Anti-Christ
June 25
The Gulf of Mexico: A Maritime History
June 23
The Greatest of All Leathernecks: John Archer Lejeune and the Making of the Modern Marine Corps,
June 21
Bluecoat and Pioneer: The Recollections of John Benton Hart, 1864-1868
June 19
The Wars of Alexander’s Successors, 323-281 BC: Vol. II, Battles and Tactics
June 17
Silent Witness: The Civil War through Photography and its Photographers
June 15
Silent Witness: The Civil War through Photography and its Photographers
June 15
Captives of Liberty: Prisoners of War and the Politics of Vengeance in the American Revolution
June 13
The Machiavellian Enterprise: A Commentary on The Prince
June 11
Devotion to Duty: A Biography of Admiral Clifton A. F. Sprague
June 09
Rome Victorious: The Irresistible Rise of the Roman Empire
June 07
George Rogers Clark and William Croghan: A Story of the Revolution, Settlement, and Early Life at Locust Grove
June 05
From Texas to Tinian and Tokyo Bay: The Memoirs of Captain J. R. Ritter, Seabee Commander during the Pacific War
June 03
African Kings and Black Slaves: Sovereignty and Dispossession in the Early Modern Atlantic
June 01
The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire
May 30
The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire
May 30
The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History
May 28
German Ground Forces of World War II: Complete Orders of Battle For Army Groups, Armies, Army Corps, and other Commands of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS, September 1, 1939, to May 8, 1945
May 26
Chinese Communist Espionage: An Intelligence Primer
May 24
Enduring the Whirlwind: The German Army and the Russo-German War, 1941-1943
May 22
Enduring the Whirlwind: The German Army and the Russo-German War, 1941-1943
May 22
Churchill’s Phoney War: A Study in Folly and Frustration
May 20
American Guerrilla: The Forgotten Heroics of Russell W. Volckmann—the Man Who Escaped from Bataan, Raised a Filipino Army against the Japanese, and became the True “Father” of Army Special Forces
May 18
The Great Illyrian Revolt: Rome's Forgotten War in the Balkans, AD 6–9
May 16
Fighting the People’s War: The British and Commonwealth Armies and the Second World War
May 14
Countdown to D-Day: The German Perspective
May 12
The United States Marine Corps: The Expeditionary Force at War
May 10
The Frontiers of Imperial Rome
May 08
Kazakhstan in World War II: Mobilization and Ethnicity in the Soviet Empire
May 06
Roman Conquests: The Danube Frontier
May 04
Lincoln’s Informer: Charles A. Dana and the Inside Story of the Union War
May 02
Rear Admiral Herbert V. Wiley: A Career in Airships and Battleships
April 30
Emperor and Senators in the Reign of Constantius II: Maintaining Imperial Rule Between Rome and Constantinople in the Fourth Century AD
April 28
Oblivion or Glory: 1921 and the Making of Winston Churchill
April 26
“They Were Good Soldiers”: African-Americans Serving in the Continental Army, 1775-1783
April 24
Days of Destruction: Augustine Thomas Smythe and the Civil War Siege of Charleston
April 22
Mussolini’s Nation-Empire: Sovereignty and Settlement in Italy’s Borderlands, 1922-1943
April 20
The Persian War, In Herodotus and Other Ancient Voices
April 18
The Battle of Leyte Gulf at 75: A Retrospective
April 16
The Armies of Philip IV of Spain, 1621-1665: The Fight for European Supremacy
April 14
The Hardest Lot of Men: The Third Minnesota Infantry in the Civil War
April 12
Learning to Fight: Military Innovation and Change in the British Army, 1914-1918
April 10
Eutaw Springs: The Final Battle of the American Revolution’s Southern Campaign
April 08
Athenian Democracy at War
April 06
Athenian Democracy at War
April 06
Six Victories: North Africa, Malta, and the Mediterranean Convoy War, November 1941—March 1942
April 04
The Boundless Sea: A Human History of the Oceans
April 02
Marlborough’s Other Army: The British Army and the Campaigns of the First Peninsular War, 1702–1712
March 31
From the Halls of Montezuma: Mexican War Dispatches from James L. Freaner, Writing under the Pen Name “Mustang”
March 29
Army and Society in Ptolemaic Egypt
March 27
The Elite: The A–Z of Modern Special Operations Forces
March 25
Washington’s Revolutionary War Generals
March 23
Soviet Cavalry Operations during the Second World War & the Genesis of the Operational Manoeuvre Group
March 21
The Secret World: A History of Intelligence
March 19
Lincoln, Seward, and US Foreign Relations in the Civil War Era
March 17
The Cambridge Companion to the Writings of Julius Caesar
March 15
Battleships of the Iowa Class: A Design and Operational History
March 13
Charles XI's War: The Scanian War Between Sweden and Denmark, 1675-1679
March 11
Emperor's Own: Ethiopians in the Korean War
March 09
The Tragedy of Empire: From Constantine to the Destruction of Roman Italy
March 07
A Destiny of Undying Greatness: Kiffin Rockwell and the Boys Who Remembered Lafayette
March 05
Wellington's History of the Peninsular War: Battling Napoleon in Iberia 1808-1814
March 03
Union Command Failure in the Shenandoah: Major General Franz Sigel and the War in the Valley of Virginia, May 1864
March 01
An Army in Crisis: Social Conflict and the U.S. Army in Germany, 1968-1975
February 28
Winning a Future War: War Gaming and Victory in the Pacific War
February 26
Athene Palace
February 24
The Byzantine Hellene: The Life of Emperor Theodore Laskaris and Byzantium in the Thirteenth Century
February 22
Roman Emperor Zeno: The Perils of Power Politics in Fifth-Century Constantinople
February 20
Demystifying the American Military: Institutions, Evolution, and Challenges Since 1789
February 18
The Defenders of Taffy 3: Analysis and Retelling of the Battle of Leyte Gulf
February 16
Landpower in the Long War: Projecting Force After 9/11
February 14
A Great Fear: Luís de Onís and the Shadow War against Napoleon in Spanish America, 1808-1812
February 12
Beyond Pearl Harbor: A Pacific History
February 10
February 08
Vanguard: The True Stories of the Reconnaissance and Intelligence Missions behind D-Day
February 06
Sparta's First Attic War: The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta, 478-446 B.C.
February 04
Hunt the Bismarck: The Pursuit of Germany's Most Famous Battleship
February 02
Italy Before Italy: Institutions, Conflicts and Political Hopes in the Italian States, 1815-1860
January 31
Useless Mouths: The British Army's Battles in France after Dunkirk May-June 1940
January 29
Greek Military Service in the Ancient Near East, 401-330 BCE
January 27
Spain in Arms: A Military History of the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939
January 25
Attack at Daylight and Whip Them: The Battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862
January 23
The Kingdom and the Republic: Sovereign Hawai'i and the Early United States
January 21
Battleships: The War at Sea
January 19
Combined Arms Warfare in Ancient Greece: From Homer to Alexander the Great and his Successors
January 17
Panzerfaust vs Sherman: European Theater 1944-45
January 15
War in the Far East: Storm Clouds over the Pacific, 1931-1941
January 12
Armies of the Great Northern War 1700-1720
January 10
Resolute Rebel: General Roswell S. Ripley, Charleston's Gallant Defender
January 08
Brave Brothers, Grave Brothers: Two American Soldiers in the Argonne Forest; Their Families
January 06
Sallust's Histories and Triumviral Historiography: Confronting the End of History
January 04
Sand and Steel: The D-Day Invasion and the Liberation of France
January 02
Sand and Steel: The D-Day Invasion and the Liberation of France
January 02



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