Book Reviews 2017

The Conscription Conflict and the Great War
December 31
Joseph Brown and His Civil War Ironclads: The USS Chillicothe, Indianola and Tuscumbia
December 29
The Naval War in the Baltic, 1939-1945
December 27
French Battleships of World War One
December 25
Cataphracts: Knights of the Ancient Eastern Empires
December 23
Civil War Battlefields Then and Now
December 21
Rails of War: Supplying the Americans and Their Allies in China-Burma-India
December 19
The Hooligans of Kandahar
December 17
The Christmas Truce: Myth, Memory, and the First World War
December 15
Warfare and Weaponry in Dynastic Egypt
December 13
Civil War Dynasty: The Ewing Family of Ohio
December 11
A Genius for Deception: How Cunning Helped the British Win Two World Wars
December 09
World War II for Kids: A History with 21 Activities
December 07
Roman Republic at War: A Compendium of Roman Battles from 502 to 31 BC
December 05
Armies in Gray: The Organizational History of the Confederate States Army in the Civil War
December 02
RAAF Bombers Over Germany 1941-42
November 30
Spy of the Century: Alfred Redl and the Betrayal of Austria-Hungary
November 28
Riding for the Lone Star: Frontier Cavalry and the Texas Way of War, 1822-1865
November 26
Fiddlers and Whores: The Candid Memoirs of a Surgeon in Nelson's Fleet
November 24
Mannerheim: The Finnish Years
November 22
The Roman Emperor Aurelian: Restorer of the World
November 20
The Army of the Potomac in the Overland and Petersburg Campaigns: Union Soldiers and Trench Warfare, 1864-1865
November 16
Triumph at Imphal-Kohima: How the Indian Army Finally Stopped the Japanese Juggernaut
November 14
Reel History: The World According to the Movies
November 12
The Knights Hospitaller: A Military History of the Knights of St John
November 10
The Civil War for Kids: A History with 21 Activities
November 08
The 1929 Sino-Soviet War: The War Nobody Knew
November 06
Forging Napoleon's Grande Armée: Motivation, Military Culture, and Masculinity in the French Army, 1800-1808
November 04
In the Name of Lykourgos: The Rise and fall of the Spartan Revolutionary Movement (243-146 BC)
November 02
The Third Reich on Screen, 1929-2015
October 31
Strategy: A History
October 29
It’s My Country Too: Women’s Military Stories from the American Revolution to Afghanistan
October 27
Regular Army O!: Soldiering on the Western Frontier, 1865–1891
October 25
The Plague of War: Athens, Sparta, and the Struggle for Ancient Greece
October 23
Blood in the Forest: The End of the Second World War in the Courland Pocket
October 21
Patton's Way: A Radical Theory of War
October 19
The Rules of the Game: Jutland and British Naval Command
October 16
Warfare and Culture in World History
October 13
Women in Civil War Texas: Diversity and Dissidence in the Trans-Mississippi
October 12
History of the World in Maps: The Rise and Fall of Empires, Countries and Cities
October 10
A Military History of Afghanistan: From the Great Game to the Global War on Terror
October 07
Churchill in the Trenches
October 04
Pyrrhus of Epirus
October 02
Pershing's Crusaders: The American Soldier in World War I
September 29
Eleven Months to Freedom: A German POW's Unlikely Escape from Siberia in 1915
September 26
Stalin's World War II Evacuations: Triumph and Troubles in Kirov
September 24
Kearny's Dragoons Out West: The Birth of the U.S. Cavalry
September 22
Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1859-1941: A Concise Life
September 21
Trevilian Station, June 11-12, 1864: Wade Hampton, Philip Sheridan and the Largest All-Cavalry Battle of the Civil War
September 20
Death at Dawn: Captain Warburton-Lee VC and the Battle of Narvik, April 1940
September 13
Heroes of World War I: Fourteen Stories of Bravery
September 10
The Civil War in Popular Culture: Memory and Meaning
September 08
Truman, Franco's Spain, and the Cold War
September 07
The Extreme Right in the French Resistance: Members of the Cagoule and Corvignolles in the Second World War
September 06
The Great War: As Recorded through the Fine and Popular Arts
September 02
“Double Canister at Ten Yards”: The Federal Artillery and the Repulse of Pickett’s Charge, July 3, 1863
September 01
Hoplites at War: A Comprehensive Analysis of Heavy Infantry Combat in the Greek World, 750-100 BCE
August 30
The Japanese Navy in World War II, in the Words of Former Japanese Naval Officers
August 24
The Outbreak of the First World War: Structure, Politics, and Decision-Making
August 22
The American Revolution Reborn
August 18
Lt. Spalding in Civil War Louisiana: A Union Officer's Humor, Privilege, and Ambition
August 16
Praetorian: The Rise and Fall of Rome's Imperial Bodyguard
August 15
Stout Hearts: The British and Canadians in Normandy 1944
August 13
America's Sailors in the Great War: Seas, Skies, and Submarines
August 12
The French Army and Its African Soldiers: The Years of Decolonization
August 08
Women Heroes of World War I: 16 Remarkable Resisters, Soldiers, Spies, and Medics
August 06
Kentucky Rebel Town: The Civil War Battles of Cynthiana and Harrison County
August 01
Roman Empire at War: A Compendium of Roman Battles from 31 B.C. to A.D. 565
July 30
The Allied Defense of the Malay Barrier 1941-1942
July 28
Lincoln before Lincoln: Early Cinematic Adaptations of the Life of America's Greatest President
July 25
The Wars before the Great War: Conflict and International Politics before the Outbreak of the First World War
July 22
America 1844: Religious Fervor, Westward Expansion, and the Presidential Election That Transformed the Nation
July 21
The Church at War: The Military Activities of Bishops, Abbots and Other Clergy in England, c. 900–1200
July 19
Agente: Female Secret Agents in World Wars, Cold Wars and Civil Wars
July 16
The Triumph of Empire: The Roman World from Hadrian to Constantine
July 14
The Victory at Sea
July 12
The Battle for Belorussia: The Red Army's Forgotten Campaign of October 1943 - April 1944
July 09
Failure to Pursue: How the Escape of Defeated Forces Prolonged the Civil War
July 07
Frontier Country: The Politics of War in Early Pennsylvania
July 06
Tlacaelel Remembered: Mastermind of the Aztec Empire
July 04
The Emperor and the Army in the Later Roman Empire, AD 235–395
July 02
Congress Buys a Navy: Politics, Economics, and the Rise of American Naval Power, 1881-1921
June 30
Pacific Thunder: The US Navy's Central Pacific Campaign, August 1943–October 1944
June 28
Treacherous Passage: Germany’s Secret Plot against the United States in Mexico during World War I
June 27
Front Lines: Soldiers' Writing in the Early Modern Hispanic World
June 25
Henry Ware Lawton: Union Infantryman, Frontier Soldier, Charismatic Warrior
June 23
The Restoration of Rome: Barbarian Popes and Imperial Pretenders
June 21
Fighting over the Founders: How We Remember the American Revolution
June 18
Africa and World War II
June 16
Lincoln’s Greatest Journey: Sixteen Days that Changed a Presidency, March 24 - April 8, 1865
June 14
Italy and Its Eastern Border, 1866-2016
June 13
Grant Invades Tennessee: The 1862 Battles for Forts Henry and Donelson
June 11
Eureka!: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ancient Greeks But Were Afraid to Ask
June 09
Italy 1636: Cemetery of Armies
June 07
Courageous Women of the Civil War: Soldiers, Spies, Medics, and More
June 06
Victory Was Beyond Their Grasp: With the 272nd Volks-Grenadier Division from the Huertgen Forest to the Heart of the Reich
June 03
The Noise of Battle: The British Army and the Last Breakthrough Battle West of the Rhine, February-March 1945
May 23
The Path to War: How the First World War Created Modern America
May 18
Blockade: Cruiser Warfare and the Starvation of Germany in World War One
May 16
Confederate Saboteurs: Building the Hunley and Other Secret Weapons of the Civil War
May 13
Pathfinder Pioneer: The Memoir of a Lead Bomber Pilot in World War II
May 11
Augustus: The Biography
May 09
August 1914: France, the Great War, and a Month That Changed the World Forever
May 06
Panting For Glory: The Mississippi Rifles in the Mexican War
May 04
Observing Hancock at Gettysburg: The General's Leadership Through Eyewitness Accounts
May 02
War in Peace: Paramilitary Violence in Europe after the Great War
April 28
Designing Gotham: West Point Engineers and the Rise of Modern New York, 1817-1898
April 26
Hitler's Wehrmacht, 1935–1945
April 24
Fall of the Double Eagle: The Battle for Galicia and the Demise of Austria-Hungary
April 22
Fortune's Fool: The Life of John Wilkes Booth
April 19
Pax Romana: War, Peace and Conquest in the Roman World
April 17
To War with the 4th: A Century of Frontline Combat with the U.S. 4th Infantry Division, from the Argonne to the Ardennes to Afghanistan
April 14
Lafayette: His Extraordinary Life and Legacy
April 12
India At War: The Subcontinent and the Second World War
April 09
The Origins of the Grand Alliance: Anglo-American Military Collaboration from the Panay Incident to Pearl Harbor
April 07
The Battle of New Orleans in History and Memory
April 05
Rome Seizes the Trident: The Defeat of Carthaginian Seapower and the Forging of the Roman Empire
April 01
Amiable Scoundrel: Simon Cameron, Lincoln's Scandalous Secretary of War
March 29
Hitler's Compromises: Coercion and Consensus in Nazi Germany
March 27
Warriors Remembered -- Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home
March 25
Fatal Sunday: George Washington, the Monmouth Campaign, and the Politics of Battle
March 23
An Imperfect Occupation: Enduring the South African War
March 21
Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar
March 19
And the World Went Dark: An Illustrated Interpretation of the Great War
March 16
Occupied Vicksburg
March 14
Hitler's Berlin: Abused City
March 12
Guibert: Father of Napoleon's Grande Armée
March 10
The Spanish Foreign Legion in the Spanish Civil War, 1936
March 08
Civil War Washington: History, Place, and Digital Scholarship
March 07
The Spartan Regime: Its Character, Origins, and Grand Strategy
March 05
21st Century Patton: Strategic Insights for the Modern Era
March 04
Henry the Liberal: Count of Champagne, 1127-1181
March 03
Hell's Battlefield: The Australians in New Guinea in World War II
February 28
Extreme Civil War: Guerrilla Warfare, Environment, and Race on the Trans-Mississippi Frontier
February 26
Kill Jeff Davis: The Union Raid on Richmond, 1864
February 25
In the Shadows of Victory: America's Forgotten Military Leaders, 1776-1876
February 23
The Campaigns of Sargon II, King of Assyria, 721-705 B.C.
February 21
Franklin D. Roosevelt. Vol. II, The War Years, 1939-1945
February 19
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Vol I, Road to the New Deal, 1882-1939
February 19
The Civil War on the Mississippi: Union Sailors, Gunboat Captains, and the Campaign to Control the River
February 18
Titan: The Art of British Power in the Age of Revolution and Napoleon
February 16
Dracula's Wars: Vlad The Impaler and His Rivals
February 14
Conduct Unbecoming: Fifteen Military Criminals, Rogues and Victims of Justice from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam
February 12
Constantine and the Cities: Imperial Authority and Civic Politics
February 09
Jutland: World War I’s Greatest Naval Battle
February 07
World War I on Film: English Language Releases Through 2014
February 05
Farming, Fighting and Family: A Memoir of the Second World War
February 04
African American Doctors of World War I: The Lives of 104 Volunteers
February 02
The Royal Air Force in American Skies: The Seven British Flight Schools in the United States during World War II
January 31
Sea of Darkness: Unraveling the Mysteries of the H.L. Hunley
January 29
From Versailles to Mers El-Kebir: The Promise of Anglo-French Naval Cooperation, 1919-40
January 28
Voyage to Gallipoli
January 26
Against the Grain: Colonel Henry M. Lazelle and the U.S. Army
January 25
Rediscovering Irregular Warfare: Colin Gubbins and the Origins of Britain’s Special Operations Executive
January 23
Jutland: The Unfinished Battle: A Personal History of a Naval Controversy
January 21
Two Civil Wars: The Curious Shared Journal of a Baton Rouge Schoolgirl and a Union Sailor on the USS 'Essex'
January 19
The British Army in Mesopotamia, 1914-1918
January 18
From Victory to Stalemate: The Western Front, Summer 1944, Decisive and Indecisive Military Operations, Volume 1
January 16
The Collapse of Price's Raid: The Beginning of the End in Civil War Missouri
January 14
Veni, Vidi, Vici: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Romans But Were Afraid to Ask
January 12
Mussolini's Army in the French Riviera: Italy's Occupation of France
January 09
Lincoln and Shakespeare
January 07
The American Revolution for Kids: A History with 21 Activites
January 05
The Man He Became: How FDR Defied Polio to Win the Presidency
January 03
Before Jutland: The Naval War in Northern European Waters, August 1914-February 1915
January 01



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