Book Reviews 2021

Tirpitz and the Imperial German Navy
December 30
A Military History of India Since 1972: Full Spectrum Operations and the Changing Contours of Modern Conflict
December 28
The Summer of ’63: Gettysburg: Favorite Stories and Fresh Perspectives from the Historians at Emerging Civil War
December 26
Beneath the Killing Fields: Exploring the Subterranean Landscapes of the Western Front
December 24
The Bronze Lie: Shattering the Myth of Spartan Warrior Supremacy
December 22
Grant’s Left Hook: The Bermuda Hundred Campaign, May 5-June 7, 1864
December 20
Strategy Shelved: The Collapse of Cold War Naval Strategic Planning
December 18
The New Knights: The Development of Cavalry in Western Europe, 1562-1700
December 16
Lessons Unlearned: The U.S. Army's Role in Creating the Forever Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
December 14
Congress's Own: A Canadian Regiment, the Continental Army, and American Union
December 12
Meade at Gettysburg: A Study in Command
December 10
Waterloo Witnesses: Military and Civilian Accounts of the 1815 Campaign
December 08
King of the World: The Life of Louis XIV
December 06
A Raid on the Red Sea: The Israeli Capture of the Karine A
December 04
Southern Strategies: Why the Confederacy Failed
December 02
How the Army Made Britain a Global Power: 1688–1815
November 30
Bletchley Park's Secret Source: Churchill's Wrens and the Y Service in World War II
November 28
The Shadow of Vesuvius: A Life of Pliny
November 26
A Forgotten Campaign: The British Armed Forces in France 1940 – from Dunkirk to the Armistice
November 24
1066: A Guide to the Battles and the Campaigns
November 22
Meade and Lee at Rappahannock Station: The Army of the Potomac’s First Post-Gettysburg Offensive, From Kelly’s Ford to the Rapidan, October 21 to November 20, 1863
November 20
The People's Army in the Spanish Civil War: A Military History of the Republic and International Brigades 1936–1939
November 18
Diversion and Deception: Dudley Clarke's "A" Force and Allied Operations in World War II
November 15
History of the British Army, 1714–1783: An Institutional History
November 13
Animals in the Second World War
November 11
Themistocles: The Powerbroker of Athens
November 09
Alan Brooke, Churchill's Right-Hand Critic: A Reappraisal of Lord Alanbrooke
November 07
Surviving the Winters: Housing Washington's Army during the American Revolution
November 05
Where Three Worlds Met: Sicily in the Early Medieval Mediterranean
November 03
Military History of Late Rome 518–565
November 01
Hungary 1848: The Winter Campaign
October 30
Jutland 1916: The Archaeology of a Naval Battlefield
October 28
Bohemond of Taranto: Crusader and Conqueror
October 26
War and Resistance in the Philippines, 1942–1944
October 24
The Military History of the Bicycle: The Forgotten War Machine
October 22
Massacring Indians: From Horseshoe Bend to Wounded Knee
October 20
Military History of Late Rome 457–518
October 16
The Coalition Crumbles, Napoleon Returns: The 1799 Campaign in Italy and Switzerland, Volume II
October 14
Medieval Military Combat: Battle Tactics and Fighting Techniques of the Wars of the Roses
October 13
Upon the Fields of Battle: Essays on the Military History of America's Civil War
October 09
Korean Air War: Sabres, MiGs and Meteors, 1950–53
October 07
The Military History of Late Rome. 425-457
October 05
Useful Captives: The Role of POWs in American Military Conflicts
October 03
Julian and Christianity: Revisiting the Constantinian Revolution
October 01
Italy, Piedmont and the War of Spanish Succession 1701-1712
September 29
Can You Beat Churchill?: Teaching History through Simulations
September 27
Napoleon Absent, Coalition Ascendant: The 1799 Campaign in Italy and Switzerland, Volume 1
September 25
The Saddest Words: William Faulkner's Civil War
September 22
Military History of Late Rome 395-425
September 17
Airpower in the War against ISIS
September 14
Road to Manzikert: Byzantine and Islamic Warfare, 527–1071
September 11
A Mortal Blow to the Confederacy: The Fall of New Orleans, 1862
September 07
Napoleon’s Stolen Army: How the Royal Navy Rescued a Spanish Army in the Baltic
September 04
The 1945 Burma Campaign and the Transformation of the British Indian Army
September 01
Taranto and Naval Air Warfare in the Mediterranean
August 29
Taranto and Naval Air Warfare in the Mediterranean
August 29
Military History of Late Rome, 361-395
August 26
Unlike Anything That Ever Floated: The Monitor and Virginia and the Battle of Hampton Roads, March 8-9, 1862
August 23
Machiavelli's Three Romes: Religion, Human Liberty, and Politics Reformed
August 20
War: How Conflict Shaped Us
August 16
Military History of Late Rome 284-361
August 12
The Other Face of Battle: America's Forgotten Wars and the Experience of Combat
August 09
America's Good Terrorist: John Brown and the Harpers Ferry Raid
August 06
Eighth Army Versus Rommel: Tactics, Training and Operations in North Africa 1940-1942
August 03
Lincoln and the U.S. Colored Troops
July 31
Bazaine 1870: Scapegoat for a Nation
July 28
The World That Fear Made: Slave Revolts and Conspiracy Scares in Early America
July 25
Tullahoma: The Forgotten Campaign that Changed the Course of the Civil War, June 23 - July 4, 1863
July 19
The First and Second Italian Wars 1494–1504: Fearless Knights, Ruthless Princes and the Coming of Gunpowder Armies
July 16
A Contest of Civilizations: Exposing the Crisis of American Exceptionalism in the Civil War Era
July 13
Turret versus Broadside: An Anatomy of British Naval Prestige, Revolution and Disaster, 1860-1870
July 10
Embattled Capital: A Guide to Richmond During the Civil War
July 08
The Military Enlightenment: War and Culture in the French Empire from Louis XIV to Napoleon
July 06
The Churchill Quiz Book: How Much do You Know about Britain’s Wartime Leader?
July 01
Rome Resurgent: War and Empire in the Age of Justinian
June 29
Defending the Arteries of Rebellion: Confederate Naval Operations in the Mississippi River Valley, 1861-1865
June 26
Forging the Trident: Theodore Roosevelt and the United States Navy
June 23
Tank Combat in Spain: Armored Warfare During the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939
June 20
Spy Sites of Philadelphia: A Guide to the Region's Secret History
June 17
Brothers to the Buffalo Soldiers: Perspectives on the African American Militia and Volunteers, 1865-1917
June 14
Tank Warfare
June 12
Spies, Scouts, and Secrets in the Gettysburg Campaign: How the Critical Role of Intelligence Impacted the Outcome of Lee's Invasion of the North, June-July 1863
June 09
Gladius: The World of the Roman Soldier
June 06
Thunder at the Gates: The Black Civil War Regiments That Redeemed America
June 04
Teutonic Titans: Hindenburg, Ludendorff, and the Kaiser's Marshals and Generals, 1847-1955
June 02
A History of the Second World War in 100 Maps
May 30
From Trophy Towns to City-States: Urban Civilization and Cultural Identities in Roman Pontus
May 27
“The Devil’s to Pay”: John Buford at Gettysburg. A History and Walking Tour
May 22
Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars: A Concise Dictionary, 1792-1815
May 19
Courage Above All Things: General John Ellis Wool and the U.S. Military, 1812–1863
May 16
Imperial Legacies: The British Empire Around the World
May 13
Churchill's Admiral in Two World Wars: Admiral of the Fleet Lord Keyes of Zeebrugge and Dover, GCB, KCVO, CMG, DSO
April 30
Sage and Emperor: Plutarch, Greek Intellectuals, and Roman Power in the Time of Trajan (98–117 A.D.)
April 24
Wilson's War: Sir Henry Wilson’s Influence on British Military Policy in the Great War and its Aftermath
April 17
The Spartans
April 11
Major General James A. Ulio: How the Adjutant General of the U.S. Army Enabled Allied Victory
April 07
Rome and Parthia: Empires at War: Ventidius, Antony and the Second Romano-Parthian War, 40-20 B.C.
April 02
Armies of Deliverance: A New History of the Civil War
March 31
Leading the Roman Army: Soldiers and Emperors, 31 BC – 235 AD
March 29
Retreat from Moscow: A New History of Germany's Winter Campaign, 1941-1942
March 27
Sparta's Second Attic War: The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta, 446-418 B.C.
March 25
The Italian Folgore Parachute Division: Operations in North Africa 1940-43
March 23
The US Volunteers in the Southern Philippines: Counterinsurgency, Pacification, and Collaboration, 1899-1901
March 21
Comrades Betrayed: Jewish World War I Veterans under Hitler
March 19
The Last Assassin: The Hunt for the Killers of Julius Caesar
March 17
COSSAC: Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick Morgan and the Genesis of Operation OVERLORD
March 15
Antigonus the One-Eyed: Greatest of the Successors
March 13
Flying to Victory: Raymond Collishaw and the Western Desert Campaign, 1940–1941
March 11
The U.S. Navy and Its Cold War Alliances, 1945-1953
March 09
The Fragmentary Latin Histories of Late Antiquity (AD 300–620): Edition, Translation and Commentary
March 07
An Unappreciated Field of Endevour: Logistics and the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front, 1914-1918
March 05
Special Operations during the American Revolution
March 03
Byzantium Triumphant: The Military History of the Byzantines, 959–1025
March 01
Civil War Supply and Strategy: Feeding Men and Moving Armies
February 27
Rome – City in Terror: The Nazi Occupation 1943–44
February 25
The 4th Marine Brigade at Belleau Wood and Soissons: History and Battlefield Guide
February 23
The Fall of the Republic: A Novella of Ancient Rome based on Actual Events
February 21
The Fall of the Republic: A Novella of Ancient Rome based on Actual Events
February 21
Civil War Monuments and the Militarization of America
February 19
Operation Chastise: The RAF's Most Brilliant Attack of World War II
February 17
Fighting for Spain: The International Brigades in the Civil War, 1936–1939
February 15
Theodosius and the Limits of Empire
February 13
John Finerty Reports the Sioux War
February 11
Atomic Salvation: How the A-Bomb Attacks Saved the Lives of 32 Million People
February 09
The Enduring Civil War: Reflections on the Great American Crisis
February 07
Naval Warfare: A Global History since 1860
February 05
Britain 1940: The Decisive Year on the Home Front
February 03
Britain 1940: The Decisive Year on the Home Front
February 03
Britain 1940: The Decisive Year on the Home Front
February 03
Confederate Citadel: Richmond and Its People at War
February 01
Aurelian and Probus: The Soldier Emperors Who Saved Rome
January 30
Aurelian and Probus: The Soldier Emperors Who Saved Rome
January 30
The Sea and the Second World War: Maritime Aspects of a Global Conflict
January 28
Caesar's Great Success: Sustaining the Roman Army on Campaign
January 26
Caesar's Great Success: Sustaining the Roman Army on Campaign
January 26
An Environmental History of the Civil War
January 23
Supplying the British Army in the Second World War
January 20
Women at War in the Classical World
January 18
The Cavalries in the Nashville Campaign
January 16
Patton: Battling with History
January 14
The Attack on Troy
January 12
Arguing until Doomsday: Stephen Douglas, Jefferson Davis, and the Struggle for American Democracy
January 10
The French at Waterloo - Eyewitness Accounts: Napoleon, Imperial Headquarters and 1st Corps
January 08



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