Book Reviews 2022

The Eastern Fleet and the Indian Ocean, 1942–1944: The Fleet that Had to Hide
December 30
Bonds of War: How Civil War Financial Agents Sold the World on the Union
December 28
Dreadnoughts and Super-Dreadnoughts
December 26
Allied Air Operations 1939–1940: The War Over France and the Low Countries
December 24
Dreams of Victory: General P. G. T. Beauregard in the Civil War
December 22
1918: Winning the War, Losing the War
December 20
The Boundless Sea: A Human History of the Oceans
December 18
Benjamin Franklin Butler: A Noisy, Fearless Life
December 16
A Great and Rising Nation: Naval Exploration and Global Empire in the Early US Republic
December 14
Bitter Peleliu: The Forgotten Struggle on the Pacific War's Worst Battlefield
December 12
Animal Histories of the Civil War Era
December 10
Going Downtown: The US Air Force over Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, 1961–75
December 08
The Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club: Naval Aviation in the Vietnam War
December 08
Rites of Retaliation: Civilization, Soldiers, and Campaigns in the American Civil War
December 07
Cataclysm 90 BC: The Forgotten War That Almost Destroyed Rome
December 05
The Year of Peril: America in 1942
December 04
The Lion of Round Top: The Life and Military Service of Brigadier General Strong Vincent in the American Civil War
December 02
Patton's War: An American General’s Combat Leadership, Volume I: November 1942–July 1944
December 01
The Black Civil War Soldier: A Visual History of Conflict and Citizenship
November 29
Sea of Blood: A Military History of the Partisan Movement in Yugoslavia, 1941-45
November 28
Their Maryland: The Army of Northern Virginia From the Potomac Crossing to Sharpsburg in September 1862
November 26
Pertinax: The Son of a Slave Who Became Roman Emperor
November 25
"Luck Was Lacking, But Valor Was": Not The Italian Army in North Africa, 1940-43
November 24
First Fallen: The Life of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, the North’s First Civil War Hero
November 22
The Incomparable Monsignor: Francesco Bianchini’s World of Science, History and Court Intrigue
November 21
Braxton Bragg: The Most Hated Man of the Confederacy
November 19
Mussolini's War: Fascist Italy from Triumph to Collapse: 1935-1943
November 17
Nations in the Balance: The India-Burma Campaigns, December 1943–August 1944
November 15
General Crook and the Western Frontier
November 12
Reading Hitler's Mind: The Intelligence Failure that Led to WW2
November 10
Spectacle of Grief: Public Funerals and Memory in the Civil War Era
November 08
This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing
November 06
Ancient Rome: Infographics
November 04
Grant vs Lee: Favorite Stories and Fresh Perspectives from the Historians at Emerging Civil War
November 02
How the Army Made Britain a Global Power: 1688–1815
October 31
Dünkirchen 1940: The German View of Dunkirk
October 29
Chained to History: Slavery and US Foreign Relations to 1865
October 27
Battle of the Bulge: Then and Now
October 25
Rome After Sulla
October 23
Bloody Flag of Anarchy: Unionism in South Carolina during the Nullification Crisis
October 20
With Winston Churchill at the Front: Winston in the Trenches, 1916
October 18
The Great “What Ifs” of the American Civil War: Historians Tackle the Conflict’s Most Intriguing Possibilities
October 15
Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era
October 10
Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era
October 10
Stephen A. Swails: Black Freedom Fighter in the Civil War and Reconstruction
October 06
The Landmark Julius Caesar: The Complete Works: Gallic War, Civil War, Alexandrian War, African War, and Spanish War
October 03
Chasing the Great Retreat: The German Cavalry Pursuit of the British Expeditionary Force before the Battle of the Marne August 1914
September 30
Fugitives: A History of Nazi Mercenaries During the Cold War
September 26
Dante: A Life
September 23
Confederate Conscription and the Struggle for Southern Soldiers
September 20
The Eternal City: A History of Rome in Maps
September 17
Enemies among Us: The Relocation, Internment, and Repatriation of German, Italian, and Japanese Americans during the Second World War
September 14
Admiral Hyman Rickover, Engineer of Power
September 11
The Kaiser's U-Boat Assault on America: Germany's Great War Gamble in the First World War
September 08
Colonels in Blue: U.S. Colored Troops, U.S. Armed Forces, Staff Officers and Special Units
September 05
Churchill, Master and Commander: Winston Churchill at War, 1895–1945
September 02
Trajan: Rome's Last Conqueror
August 30
Victory at Sea: Naval Power and the Transformation of the Global Order in World War II
August 26
The Atlas of Boston History
August 23
Napoleon’s Stolen Army: How the Royal Navy Rescued a Spanish Army in the Baltic
August 20
No Common Ground: Confederate Monuments and the Ongoing Fight for Racial Justice
August 17
Romulus: The Legend of Rome's Founding Father
August 14
Gettysburg 1963: Civil Rights, Cold War Politics, and Historical Memory in America's Most Famous Small Town
August 11
In the Words of Wellington's Fighting Cocks: The After-action Reports of the Portuguese Army during the Peninsular War 1812–1814
August 07
Air Battle for Moscow 1941–1942
August 03
The Record of Murders and Outrages: Racial Violence and the Fight Over Truth at the Dawn of Reconstruction
July 30
The Bulgarian Contract: The Secret Lie That Ended the Great War
July 25
Proud Warriors: African American Combat Units in World War II
July 22
Voices of the Army of the Potomac: Personal Reminiscences of Union Veterans
July 19
Reading Lucan's Civil War: A Critical Guide
July 15
Masséna at Bay, 1811: The Lines of Torres Vedras to Funtes de Oñoro
July 12
A Short History of the Spanish Civil War, Revised Edition
July 09
Contested Commemoration: The 1876 Centennial, Independence Day, and the Reconstruction-era South
July 06
Ancient Greeks at War: Warfare in the Classical World from Agamemnon to Alexander
July 03
Future War and the Defence of Europe
June 30
A Short History of War
June 25
Ends of War: The Unfinished Fight of Lee's Army after Appomattox
June 23
Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny
June 20
Underground Asia: Global Revolutionaries and the Assault on Empire
June 17
Burn, Bomb, Destroy: The German Sabotage Campaign in North America, 1914–1917
June 15
Disaster on the Spanish Main: The Tragic British-American Expedition to the West Indies during the War of Jenkins' Ear
June 13
The Virtuous Wehrmacht: Crafting the Myth of the German Soldier on the Eastern Front, 1941-1944
June 11
Crosshairs on the Capital: Jubal Early’s Raid on Washington, D.C., July 1864 - Reasons, Reactions, and Results
June 09
The Spanish Civil War at Sea: Dark and Dangerous Waters
June 05
The Austro-Hungarian Army and the First World War
June 02
The Sailor's Bookshelf: Fifty Books to Know the Sea
May 30
Fighting for the United States, Executed in Britain: US Soldiers Court-Martialled in WWII
May 26
Mars Adapting: Military Change During War
May 23
¡Vamos a avanzar!: The Chaco War and Bolivia's Political Transformation, 1899–1952
May 19
Hugh Lenox Scott, 1853–1934: Reluctant Warrior
May 16
Prevail until the Bitter End: Germans in the Waning Years of World War II
May 13
The War of Jenkins' Ear: The Forgotten Struggle for North and South America: 1739-1742
May 09
The Summer of ’63: Vicksburg and Tullahoma: Favorite Stories and Fresh Perspectives from the Historians at Emerging Civil War
May 04
The United States Navy in World War II: From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa
May 01
Arming the Irish Revolution: Gunrunning and Arms Smuggling, 1911– 1922
April 28
Incidental Archaeologists: French Officers and the Rediscovery of Roman North Africa
April 25
Dirty Eddie's War: Based on the World War II Diary of Harry “Dirty Eddie” March, Jr., Pacific Fighter Ace
April 22
The Cavalry at Appomattox: A Tactical Study of Mounted Operations during the Civil War’s Climatic Campaign, March 27-April 9, 1865
April 19
Clash of the Capital Ships: From the Yorkshire Raid to Jutland
April 16
Down the Warpath to the Cedars: Indians' First Battles in the Revolution
April 13
Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg: The Creation of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
April 10
Commanding the Pacific: Marine Corps Generals in World War II
April 07
Modern South Korean Air Power: The Republic of Korea Air Force Today
April 04
The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered
April 01
Between Mutiny and Obedience: The Case of the French Fifth Infantry Division during World War I,
March 28
Battleship Commander: The Life of Vice Admiral Willis A. Lee Jr.
March 21
Passing Through the Fire: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in the Civil War
March 18
The Battle of Britain: Five Months That Changed History; May-October 1940
March 15
Stalin's War: A New History of World War II
March 12
Custer: From the Civil War’s Boy General to the Battle of the Little Bighorn
March 09
Custer: From the Civil War’s Boy General to the Battle of the Little Bighorn
March 09
Pacific Carrier War: Carrier Combat from Pearl Harbor to Okinawa
March 06
The Man Who Punched Jefferson Davis: The Political Life of Henry S. Foote, Southern Unionist
February 25
Unsung Hero of Gettysburg: The Story of Union General David McMurtrie Gregg
February 20
The Boy Generals: George Custer, Wesley Merritt, and the Cavalry of the Army of the Potomac
February 15
Divided Armies: Inequality and Battlefield Performance in Modern War
February 10
From Arlington to Appomattox: Robert E. Lee’s Civil War, Day by Day, 1861-1865
February 06
Strike from the Sea: The Development and Deployment of Strategic Cruise Missiles since 1934
February 04
The Siege of Vicksburg: Climax of the Campaign to Open the Mississippi River, May 23-July 4, 1863
January 28
The Horse at Gettysburg: Prepared for the Day of Battle
January 20
The German War of 1866: The Bohemian and Moravian Campaign
January 14
Gettysburg Rebels: Five Native Sons Who Came Home to Fight as Confederate Soldiers
January 12
The Evolution of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates
January 10
The First Code Talkers: Native American Communicators in World War I
January 08
Pioneers of Irregular Warfare: Secrets of the Military Intelligence Research Department of the Second World War
January 06
The Winter that Won the War: The Winter Encampment at Valley Forge, 1777-1778
January 04
The Last Viking: The True Story of King Harald Hardrada
January 02



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