Book Review: Military History's Most Wanted: : The Top 10 Book of Improbable Victories, Unlikely Heroes, and Other Martial Oddities (Brassey's Most Wanted Series)


by M. Evan Brooks

Brassey's, Inc, 2002. 386 pages. . $12.95. ISBN:1-57488-509-X

Anyone with any interest in military affairs has by now noted that strange things often happen in the military. This book capitalizes on that, and the popularity of "Top 10" lists, by collecting many of the odd, humorous and sometimes simply bizarre military items into one place. The usual categories are there (Personalities, Battles and Maneuvers, Literature and Entertainment, plus the ever popular Miscellaneous.) And included in the categories are the usual suspects (Great Captains of History, Overrated Commanders, Underrated Commanders, several categories for movies and music), and some unusual suspects (Commanders Blinded by Their Own Ego, Literary Soldiers, Battle Cries.) Clearly written, to the point and quite accurate. A great read. OK, it's really junk food for the overeducated. But it won't rot your teeth or raise you cholesterol level. And information is information, you might even remember enough of what's in here to win a few bar bets or impress someone at a party. It's a fun read, even if you don't agree with every position on every list.
Reviewer: James F Dunnigan   

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