Air Defense: Iran Gets Missile Technology From China


February 15, 2006: Iran announced it has begun production of a new shoulder fired anti-aircraft missile, the Misagh 2. The Misagh 1 was introduced in 1993, apparently a licensed version of the Chinese Vanguard missile (which, in turn, was based on the Russian SA-7). The Iranians didn't mention China in relation to the Misagh 2, but the Chinese do have a Vanguard 2 missile. This one is more like the U.S. Stinger, but probably not as capable at defeating countermeasures. The Vanguard 2 weighs 25 pounds, has a range of 5,000 meters and a shelf-life of eight years. If the new Iranian missile is a copy of the Vanguard 2, the Chinese would probably prefer that the connection be kept quiet. Selling weapons to Iran, which China has done for decades, does not make you very popular in diplomatic circles.




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