Air Defense: Skyguard In Southeast Asia


February 22, 2016: Thailand has ordered four Skyguard 3 short-range mobile anti-aircraft systems. Each consists of a radar/fire control unit, two twin-35mm autocannon and a four container launcher for short range heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles. The radar system has a range of 20 kilometers while the 35mm autocannon are effective out to four kilometers and the missiles out to seven kilometers. The 35mm shells used by the cannon carry explosive warheads each containing 152 sub-projectiles specially designed to penetrate and disable or destroy aircraft as well as UAVs, cruise missiles and even smart bombs. The fire control system can calculate where a target is going to be and automatically fire a burst of 25 shells that will fill the path of the target with nearly 4,000 sub-projectiles.

Skyguard was originally developed by a Swiss firm in the 1970s and has been updated and continues to sell ever since. A German firm merged with the Swiss developer of Skyguard in 2009. Skyguard is actually the fire control system and it normally uses 35mm autocannon (developed in the 1950s) and a number of different short range missiles. Skyguard has been used in more than thirty countries for short range air defense of key installations.




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