Air Transportation: C-17 Finds Love Abroad


December 25, 2009: Britain has ordered another American C-17 air transport. Britain ordered its first four C-17s in 2000, on a lease arrangement. Satisfied with the C-17s, Britain proceeded to buy them, and received its sixth C-17 last month. The 290 ton C-17 can carry up to 100 tons (including one M-1 tank) anywhere in the world because of in-air refueling. The C-17, costs about $250 million each. Britain is stocking up on C-17s partly because of the delays in receiving its A400M transports from AirBus, but mostly because the C-17 can handle fast delivery of goods to Afghanistan. Since receiving its first C-17 in 2001, Britain has had these aircraft in the air for over 50,000 hours. Britain is the largest foreign user of the C-17. Australia and Canada each of four. The U.S. Air Force operates 173.




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