Air Transportation Article Archive 2009


Il-476 Goes After The C-17 MarketC-17 Finds Love AbroadIraq Buys The Familiar
Black Hawk UpgradeOsprey In Action In Afghanistan Ruslan Ready To Roll Once More
Higher And HigherChina Copies C-17 and C-130JMerlin And Magic
C-5M Breaks Lots Of RecordsUSAF Gives Army Half A C-17Chinook Shortage Grows
Falling Apart In RussiaOspreys Over Afghanistan Pumping Puma Performance
Il-76s Falling ApartC-5Ms ArriveWorn Out And Unloved
MRTT Works Two JobsTurning V-22 Into A CODRed Wings Over The World
C-17 Seeks An Honorable DischargeIraq And The LegendChinook Becomes A Super Star
The VIP Flight Goes To WarThe USAF RodeoSmaller Is Often Better
Getting At The EnemyIndia Revives Its Aging An-32sThe Chinese Answer To The C-130J
Britain And The Cold War CurseUnmanned TransportsPulling The Plug On C-5As
The Immortal CH-53ImprovisationC-17 For India
The Mountains Of DeathC-130J Taking OverThe Curse Of the KC-767
AirBus Clobbers Russia AgainItalians Join The Queue For ChinookUSAF Terminates Transport Expansion
C-27Js Lost In IraqAustralia Joins The ChaseRussian Wide Body Blues
Mini-Hercules ThriveMV-22s Go To SeaMarines Demand A Robotic Courier
The African PhoenixIf The C-130 Were A JetSOCOM Skytrucks To The Rescue
Replacing Worn Out C-17sA Canadian Combat FirstSon Of DC-3 Soldiers On
The Boeing 737 Goes To WarA400M Stumbles To The Finish Line



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