Air Transportation: Replacing Russian Twin Turboprops


July 18, 2012: Poland has bought five C295 transport aircraft from Spain. Deliveries will begin by the end of the year and be completed by next year. This twin engine turboprop, 23 ton aircraft can carry six tons for up to 2,200 kilometers. Top speed is 570 kilometers an hour and max payload is nine tons or 71 troops. The C295 entered service eleven years ago. So far 113 C295s have been built or are on order. In addition to Poland, 14 other nations use the aircraft.

Twin engine turboprop transports are increasingly popular with military organizations. They are cheaper to buy and operate and are adequate for most countries. Four engine turboprop transports like the C-130 are still popular but increasingly expensive. In addition many East European, African, and Asian nations are using Soviet era An-24/26 twin-turboprops. New Western designs are safer and cheaper to operate than the old Soviet designs.






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