NBC Weapons: Canada Decontaminates The World




August 30, 2008: Canada has donated 300 chemical/biological protective suits to the Philippines, and will send instructors to show Filipino troops how to use chemical, biological and radiological detectors and decontamination equipment. Canada will provide the equipment for this training as well. The total value of the equipment is over $200,000. Last year, Canada also donated some protective suits and radiation detectors.

The Philippines sought this equipment and training to be ready for Islamic terrorists who might use chemical, biological and radiological weapons in their attacks. So far, the local Islamic radicals have attacked mainly with bombs and bullets, plus the occasional knifing or beheading. The equipment and training can also be used in the event of a chemical accident, which is the more likely than any other threat. Canada has long been a leading developer of this equipment, mainly for commercial uses.




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