NBC Weapons: Islamic Bio Weapon Hits New Zealand



July 18, 2007: Al Qaeda has not commented on their latest success at biological warfare. Recently, efforts by Islamic radicals in Pakistan and Nigeria caused polio to show up in New Zealand, a nation where a quarter of the children are not vaccinated against polio (which has not been seen in the country for decades.) This is a common pattern in many Western nations, because of a growing desire among many parents to avoid vaccinations, in response to rumors of side effects.

The immediate cause of it all was a passenger on a flight from Pakistan into Australia, who was later found to have polio. The rush is on to contact fellow passengers, including those who flew on to New Zealand, and vaccinate those who need it. Until this done, there could be another outbreak of polio in New Zealand. Australia has a much higher percentage of its population immunized against polio, so the presense of infected people is much less of a threat.

How did the Pakistani man get polio? Radical Islamic clerics in northern Pakistan have been pushing the idea that vaccinations for diseases is a Western plot to poison Moslem children. This particular fantasy has been rattling around for nearly a decade, and has prevented the UN from wiping out polio. Like small pox (which was wiped out in the 1970s), once there are no people with polio, the disease is gone for good (it can only survive in a human host). The Islamic clerics urging parents not to vaccinate their children against polio, provide the disease with hosts, and keep it going. Last year, 24,000 children were not vaccinated in northern Pakistan because of this paranoid fantasy. As a result, at least 39 cases of polio were confirmed last year. The victims (usually children) either die, or are crippled for life. In 2005, there were 28 cases. When confronted by angry parents, the clerics say that it's "God's will" that the kid is dead or crippled from polio. Most Moslem parents accept that, because Islam means, literally, "submission." In this case, it also means biological warfare. Although not intentional, but you never know.




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