Electronic Weapons: Better Radar Warning


October 5, 2007: The U.S. has
begun mass production of the ALR-69A(V) radar warning receiver, which is an upgrade of the 3,500 ALR-69s already in service. The original ALR-69 was developed thirty years ago, and has been upgraded several times. The ALR-69A(V)
is a digital system, that is equipped to network with other nearby aircraft carrying the same equipment. This enables the ALR-69A(V) to more quickly, and accurately, locate enemy radars (using triangulation). The ALR-69A(V) is easier to maintain and upgrade (especially via software) than earlier radar warning receiver. The ALR-69A(V) will be used on C-130, F-16, A-10 and MH-53 aircraft.
Each ALR-69A(V) costs about $920,000. Only 13 will be produced in the next two years, so that more testing can be done.




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