Electronic Weapons Article Archive 2009


Born On The BattlefieldThe Bubble Just Keeps Rolling AlongChasing RATS
Turning PlayStation Into A SupercomputerRunning Interference On InterferenceDon't Call In Air Or Artillery Strikes Without It
French Mobile Radars Guard IndiaMarines MultipurposeThe Silent Stealth Sensor
Erieye Does ArabiaEB-52 Shot Down AgainNaked In The Jungle
Chinese Carrier AWACS3-D Will Save Your LifeThe iPhone And The Lost Cause
The FixersStealth RadarInfant Interference
Trucks That See EverythingAegis For The MassesPlaying Rough To Keep The Americans Away
NATO Jacks InAustralia's All-Seeing HelmetSmart Phones Get Respect
Arrowheads For ApachesKillbots Are Your FriendsThe Ear In The Sky
Synthetic Silicon Sniffer SucceedsUSMC Gives Gunships Bright EyesThe Wonder Wall Around Arabia
Wearable Electronic CountermeasuresRadar Recognizes Evil IntentA Very, Very Low Orbit Satellite
American Magic Is RealHow To Defeat GPS JammersRussia Cut Out Of Indian AWACS Plans
Kidds Get Their Sight BackMission Planning MagicB-2 And The Sharper Image
The Little FriendThe Chinese 30th ECM RegimentLet The Right One In
The Heat Of The NightThe RAT LineSouth Korea Goes Israeli
Creating Combat Ready GadgetsAll Jammed UpHeat Sensitivity
China Jam SessionsGrowler LiteInstant Radar
The Radar Is Ready But The Operator Is NotIt's So FABMilitary Modders Gone Mad
The IED BonusRussian-Israeli AWACS Shows UpFrance Networks Its Navy
Blinded By The Laser LightB-2 Gets Better EyesLighting Up 2,000 F-18s



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