Electronic Weapons: Portable Radars For Paraguay


August 13, 2011: The Paraguayan Air Force has bought two Israeli EL/M-2106/NG 3-D tactical air defense radars. These are portable radar systems, which can be carried in by air or truck and quickly set up, or mounted in a truck, ready to operate as soon as the truck comes to a halt. The M-2106 can detect large aircraft out to 60 kilometers, and smaller aircraft out to 40 kilometers. Helicopters can be spotted out to 25 kilometers, as long as they are moving at least as fast as 30 kilometers an hour. That means moving 8-9 meters a second.

The M-2106 is usually used for providing early detection and guidance for air defenses around some important site. The M-2106 can simultaneously track up to sixty targets, and is designed to easily feed data to a large number of different anti-aircraft gun and missile systems. Each M-2106 system costs about $2 million.






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