Electronic Weapons: The Mighty Mite


October 4, 2011: American Special Forces operators have a new communications tool for when they are out in the hills, out beyond cell phones and most wireless forms of communication. The 14.6 kg (32 pound) SPRS (KA-10 Suitcase Portable Receive Suite) is a high speed (45 Mb, more than ten times your usual high-speed Internet connection) satellite link. It can be carried in two suitcases, or in a backpack. It can operate off battery power and is rugged enough to survive water, sand, extreme temperatures and other hard knocks. The system allows a Special Forces team to access multiple live video feeds, as well as downloading complex maps and other images. All this is heavily encrypted, to make eavesdropping very difficult.

SPRS can be sent up in less than ten minutes, and the small dish will automatically locate and lock onto the desired satellite. Such systems have been available for over two decades, but they have become smaller, cheaper, faster, more rugged and reliable every year.




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