Electronic Weapons: Get Behind The Green Rock And Be Safe


July 5, 2014: An Israeli firm is now selling Green Rock, a lightweight (about half a ton) Phased-Array Pulse Doppler Radar that can quickly spot incoming rockets, mortar and artillery shells up to ten kilometers away and provide accurate location data on where the fire is coming from as well as where the projectile is going to land. The radar can also spot small UAVs that are often missed by larger radars. Green Rock is light and compact enough to be installed in a hummer or even a jeep type vehicle and is designed to provide radar coverage for a battalion size unit.

Several Green Rock radars can network and share data with each other and other types of radar. Green Rock software is designed to instantly provide targeting information to any anti-rocket systems (like Iron Dome or CRAM) it is linked to. Green Rock provides even more accurate location data on where the fire is coming from. This data can be automatically sent to aircraft or artillery that can then quickly attack the artillery or rocket launcher the fire came from.






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