Electronic Weapons: November 27, 1999


The US Navy is seeking money to buy two more special recon versions of the P-3C for intelligence missions. The Navy has four of these aircraft, variously known as Reef Point or Storm Jib, divided between two squadrons (VPU-1 and VPU-2). Each squadron also has a standard P-3C used for pilot training and to carry cargo to support forward deployed recon planes.--Stephen V Cole

Egypt has signed a $200 million deal with Northrop Grumman to upgrade its five E-2C Hawkeye radar planes. --Stephen V Cole

Oman has asked to buy three or four E-2C Hawkeye radar planes being retired from the US Navy. The planes, all of the earliest version, have 10-15 years of service life remaining if kept on ground bases instead of aircraft carriers. The planes would be given updated radar systems before delivery.--Stephen V Cole




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