Electronic Weapons: April 14, 2005


The growing use of inexpensive, and commercially available, thermal cameras (that can see at night by detecting body or engine heat), has created more risk for commandoes. These troops typically operate at night, and use stealth and careful planning to carry out missions against larger forces. With so many military, and civilian, installations guarded by these thermal video cameras, commandoes are having a harder time keeping out of site. A Greek company, Intermat, has jumped in with clothing, and even a face cream, that makes thermal cameras much less effective. In fact, anyone wearing clothing made from the Intermat material, and wearing the anti-thermal cream, is barely visible to a thermal camera, and would probably be missed by guards glancing at a bunch of monitors showing what thermal cameras outside are scanning. This can work both ways, giving terrorists an edge, but Intermat is a military supplier, and sells only to legitimate military customers. So, for the moment, the troops retain the edge.




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