Electronic Weapons: U.S. Navy EA-6Bs in Iraq


November 8, 2005: In Iraq, U.S. Navy EA-6B electronic warfare aircraft are using their USQ-113 communications jammers to take control of terrorist communications. Department of Defense electronics warfare geeks found ways to use the jammer to do all sorts of things with radio, TV and cell phone signals. Working with psychological warfare and intelligence experts, the EA-6Bs have become key players in counter-terror operations. There’s also a version of the USQ-113 that can be plugged into communications and sensor networks, making it easier to use the EA-6Bs in support of ground combat. Another new feature arriving with the upgrade will be the ALQ-219 pod, which allows the EA-6B to jam a small area (a single building or block). Sometimes, the barrage jamming also interferes with friendly communications.




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