Electronic Weapons: Poles Get Israeli Jammers For Iraq Service


January 16, 2006: The Polish army is buying IED jammers (EJAB mobile electronic jammers), for their troops in Iraq, from Israeli firm Elbit. The jammers were developed in cooperation with the Israeli army, which uses such jammers in areas where they expect Palestinian terrorists to be using IEDs that are detonated via radio signals. The Poles are buying five vehicle mounted jammer systems, and five portable (suitcase size) ones that can be quickly mounted in any vehicle. The Polish peacekeepers usually operate in quiet areas of Iraq, but the jammers will be used when the Poles go into more dangerous neighborhoods, or get information that terrorists may be operating in their vicinity. Other details of the Elbit jammers are secret, as the more the IED makers know about a jammer, the better their chances of fooling it. The presence of the Elbit equipment in Iraq will allow for a comparison with American built IED jammers.




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