Electronic Weapons: Seven Ounce Wrist Computer


June 26, 2006: Noting the U.S. Army's interest in "wearable computers," Eurotech has created a seven ounce PC that you wear on your wrist. The Zypad WL 1000 uses a 32 bit, 400 Mhz CPU, can run Linux or Windows CE, has 64 MB of flash RAM and ROM, an SD card slot for more memory (a gigabyte or more), a 3.5 inch touch screen (240x320 QVGA). There are also eleven backlit keys. The rechargeable battery claims up to eight hours operation. Also included are GPS, Bluetooth, 802.11g wi-fi, a USB 1.1 port and stereo audio input and output. The system automatically goes into standby mode when the users arm is at his side. There is also a tilt switch mode, which reports the users location if the user falls down and remains motionless for a certain length of time.

The manufacturer sees a large military market, in all the services, and among combat and support troops. Industrial, medical and emergency services are also seen as users. The current version sells for $2,500 and has been shown at several trade shows over the last few months.




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