Electronic Weapons: British Radar Zaps Passing Cars


November 6, 2006: In Britain, a Royal Air Force (RAF) Type 93 air defense radar at Trimingham, Norfolk, "went out of alignment" late last year, and began zapping the electronics on passing automobiles, and some electrical devices in nearby homes. The RAF admitted to the problem earlier this year, and offered to pay compensation to those with damaged electronics. Apparently, there was no harm done, by the stray radiation, to any people. However, locals are still reporting problems, and nearby auto repair shops have the fried automobile electronics to prove it. Such incidents are becoming more common, as more consumer electronics use more complex components, which are potentially vulnerable to powerful blasts of electromagnetism (radar, and other transmissions.)

The Trimingham site has been used for air defense radar since 1941. The Type 93 radar is used to spot hostile aircraft approaching and guide British interceptors outbound.




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