Logistics: Bringing FMTV Back To Life


April 4, 2009:  The U.S. Army is refurbishing another 200 of its 2.5 ton FMTV trucks for a cost of about $100,000 each. Bought new, the trucks cost about twice that. Most of the trucks to be refurbished are worn down by hard use (some have 50,000 miles on them), while others were damaged in combat or accidents. These 2.5 ton trucks replaced the Vietnam era M35 models in the 1990s. They can carry 2.5 tons, and tow six tons. The army is still buying these 2.5 ton and 5 ton (same design, just different size) trucks, and will have acquired nearly 100,000 of them when production stops in the next 5-10 years. A new design is in the works to replace the FMTV family of trucks in a decade or two. Army trucks are wearing out faster than expected because of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.





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