Electronic Weapons: The RAT Line


April 4, 2009:  The Italian Air Force has purchased a dozen RAT 31 DL long-range air surveillance radar systems. These will cost about $22 million each, which is about average for this type of radar. The RAT 31 DL uses phased array (AESA) technology and has a range of 500 kilometers. The RAT 31 DL can deal with many electronic countermeasures, and the aerial clutter common (in Europe and urban areas in general) as well. The air force may also buy two mobile versions of the RAT 31 DL as well. The air force had bought a similar radar (RAT 31 SL) in the 80s and 90s, but wanted to get new models because the old ones used a frequency that the government now wants to use to supply high-speed wireless Internet service.




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