Logistics: August 20, 2005


Troops in Iraq, and especially Afghanistan, have come up with some novel ways to deal with battery shortages. There are never enough batteries for the increasing array of electronic gadgets used. Regular old AA batteries are used a lot, and troops have discovered that the more expensive ($3-4 each) rechargeable AAs last about twice as long as the disposable AAs. Taking a battery charger, with a car adaptor, not only allows for recharging using any vehicles handy, but also from special military batteries that are, officially, dead. For example, the special BA-5590 and BB-390 (x90 types) can, when no longer holding enough juice for their intended use, still recharge AAs. The troops have found that if you have 125 percent of the batteries needed, you will have enough extras (being charged), to keep everyone in business. 




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