Logistics: Deploy the Self-Propelled Drills


November 30, 2010: The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is buying twelve truck mounted water drilling rigs. The 25 ton 6x6 T450MIIA can quickly drill down to where water is, and provide a steady supply for troops or civilians in Afghanistan. In the southern part of the country, there is a lot of desert or semi-desert territory. The locals dig wells by hand, but there is often water farther down than the tribesmen can reach. The truck mounted drill can reach these deeper water supplies, eliminating the need to bring in water for the troops, and gain some useful gratitude from water-starved locals. The Taliban will quickly catch on to how useful the T450MIIAs are, and the drills will have to be heavily guarded as they move from one location to another.





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