Morale: Royal Navy Makes War On the Page Three Menace


June 5, 2007: For the second time in three years, the British Royal Navy is trying for forbid sailors from posting newspaper pictures of topless women in work or living areas. In Britain, it has long been the custom to publish a picture of a topless woman on page three of some newspapers. The pictures are called "Page Three Girls." In 2004, the Royal Navy tried to ban sailors from displaying these pictures, but backed down after two months because of massive protests from sailors, and lots of bad press. This time, there is no official ban, but officers and Chief Petty Officers have been quietly told to order sailors to remove the pictures. Thanks to the Internet, sailors quickly figured out that it wasn't just a few puritanical superiors getting on their case, but a navy wide policy. When confronted with this, the navy admitted they had decided it would be a good idea to get rid of the pictures, but had not made it an official policy. Most sailors are not impressed with these goals, or methods, and morale has taken a major hit because of it. The senior leaders of the navy insist they are just trying to avoid hurting anyone's feelings, and to encourage sailors to respect the feelings of others.




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