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Political Officers Make A ComebackWhere Bad Officers Come From In AfghanistanChinese Tourists Take A Victory Tour
The U.S. Navy Is Fading AwayThe Curse Of KhatChina Goes To War With Its Generals
The War Against Vice In South KoreaSailors Serving As Soldiers Has Changed The NavyNorth Korea Deals With The Chocolate Threat
Legal Prostitutes For Holy WarriorsThe Demon DrugCalculating A PTSD Cure
Not Dangerous EnoughDo Not Mess With Mother NatureZero Tolerance For Boredom In The Silos
The Air Force Brass Shall Not Be SwayedAdmirals Take The HeatU.S. Navy Makes Peace With The Clock
Reality Kills The Classics In ChinaMaking The Brass BlinkNukes Make Russians Feel Better
The Long Cruise And The Fate Of The U.S. NavyConscientious Objectors In South KoreaOld Russians Resent The Loss Of Communism And Poverty
Danger Pay Is Going Away

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