Morale: Family Values


August 2, 2008: The U.S. Army, with nearly 60 percent of its troops married, has increased the time parents can delay being sent overseas after having a baby (by birth or adoption.) Previously it was four months, but now it is six. This is particularly good news for the eight percent of troops who are single parents. In many respects, the army is just catching up. The navy allows a 12 month delay (or "deferment" in milspeak), while the marines already allow six months. The air force still only allows four months, but then their overseas deployments are only four months at a time.

While the increased army deferments means that some soldiers will be going back overseas sooner than they otherwise would, most of the parents are career NCOs and officers. These men and women are the key leadership that holds the army together, and the two extra months of deferred deployment makes a big difference for them and their families.




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